I love that you share this situation. There are a few times in my life where I felt an unexplainable connection to random individuals in my life. During my third year as a teacher, my school assigned me a student-teacher. He was an adult student, and it was a bit strange to supervise someone older than me. I wasn’t sure I was worthy of mentoring him. He was married and even had a young son, and we kept our relationship professional. However, I could feel the energy and chemistry between us. Even the students asked us if he was my husband, and deep down, I never wanted him to leave my classroom because we were the best team. Now that I moved back to the city where I first worked, I wonder how he is doing even now.

At my current job, I get along really well with my supervisor and his wife. I feel a platonic, loyal, genuine way toward both of them that transcends general workplace amicability. The affection is mutual, and I feel like my supervisor knows me and celebrates my quirky creativity and personality. My favorite memory was a time when we needed to travel to New York for work and talked the entire ride there. After our training had concluded an evening, we were contemplating cool places to have dinner. He researched and suggested a place called “The Spirit Room,” which had a spooky, occult, supernatural theme. He made an effort and found an eclectic place because he knows I still fondly recall my days reading palms and scaring people in haunted houses. We had a lovely meal, walked around Rochester talking, exploring the city, and we even randomly encountered a fireworks display to watch. It was one of those nights where we couldn’t have planned a perfect night to talk, explore, and strengthen our friendship. I think the Greeks had the right idea when they pinpointed the seven types of love that can exist; I feel these and potentially more.

And that is what polyamory is about for me. Many relationships, friendships, and connections in my life with different people complete my soul in natural, healthy ways. Through connecting with others, I discover more about myself and my compacity to love everyone around me. I love this life.

I am very passionate about teaching, dancing, and making a difference in the world. Enjoy my philosophical and entertaining musings!