My heart will heal and I will soon love myself again, even more ardently than before

The day has finally come. I am no longer feeling New Relationship Energy (NRE). Deep down, I knew this moment would arrive. This whole journey from start to finish has felt like I’m on one of those sky coaster rides at an amusement park.

I buckled my harness and trembled…

-Reflections On My Sixteen Year Journey in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Thursday (August 8, 2019) was a long day at the Pennsic War. I woke up at 8:00 AM, took a class on Venetian Masks in the late 1500s. Then I hustled to acting practice with Commedia All-Stars, a theater group composed of actors from all around the Known World for…

The first step of dealing with NRE is to acknowledge and accept that you’re feeling it.

In a previous post, “NRE Bystander Survival Guide,” I wrote about how to survive New Relationship Energy (NRE) as a bystander when many of your friends are affected. But writing the article left me thinking about the question, “How do I stay logical and sensible when I am in NRE?”…

The masks I wear and the purposes they serve.

In Integrating the Arts Across the Elementary School Curriculum, Phyllis Gelineau (2012), states “we wear masks every day.” How do you perceive this statement? Is it true? How can we, as educators, aid our student’s in changing their masks? If a…

Amanda Pakutz

I am very passionate about teaching, dancing, and making a difference in the world. Enjoy my philosophical and entertaining musings!

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